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Digestive Disease & Surgery Institute

Digestive Disease & Surgery: Why Choose Cleveland Clinic London?

At our Digestive Disease & Surgery Institute, you’ll find:

  • Expert team: Gastroenterologists, hepatologists and surgeons collaborate with experts in bariatric surgery, oncology, colorectal surgery, urogynaecology, nutrition and other key areas. We bring these diverse specialties together, so you receive comprehensive care all from one trusted source.
  • Advanced diagnostics and treatment: We specialize in the latest diagnostic techniques and treatments for gastrointestinal diseases. Using advanced endoscopy, our specialists assess and treat cysts, polyps or early-stage cancers. We also offer minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery for less pain and a quicker recovery.
  • Prompt care: Many of our doctors can accommodate same-day or next-day appointment requests, so you get the care you need right away. In-house imaging and laboratory capabilities streamline your tests and results.
  • Digital health records: Cleveland Clinic London is the first private hospital in the U.K. to have a fully integrated digital health records system. You and your care team have instant access to the most up-to-date and accurate information about your health. This technology helps us make faster and more effective decisions about your care. 
  • International recognition: Our new London location continues the Cleveland Clinic tradition of excellence. Cleveland Clinic is recognised for its expertise in Gastroenterology and GI surgery. Patients in the U.K. will have access to this exceptional standard of care.

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Contact us or call +44 20 3423 7500 for more information about our Digestive Disease & Surgery Institute.

Our Medical and Surgical Services

Our Medical and Surgical Services

Bariatrics Surgery - Cleveland Clinic London

Bariatric Surgery

Being overweight or obese can impact both your physical and mental wellbeing. At Cleveland Clinic London we’re focused on providing individualised treatments best suited to your unique needs.

Cancer surgery - Cleveland Clinic London

Cancer Surgery

Receive cancer surgery from some of the world’s leading experts. We offer a level of care not widely available in the U.K. Areas of expertise include cancers affecting the gastrointestinal system, lungs, bladder and prostate.

Colorectal cancer - Cleveland Clinic London

Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal (bowel) cancer is common. Receiving prompt, expert care can help you get your life back. Our service is home to leading consultants who use research-based methods that give you the best chances for good outcomes.

Colorectal Surgery - Cleveland Clinic London

Colorectal Surgery

With expertise in all types of surgery, including keyhole, robotic, endoscopic microsurgery and open surgery, our colorectal surgeons can effectively treat many colorectal diseases and conditions.

Endoscopy - Cleveland Clinic London


Our specially trained gastroenterologists and general surgeons perform a range of endoscopic procedures for the oesophagus, stomach, large bowel (colon) and rectum

A caregiver performing gallbladder surgery.

Gallbladder Surgery

Being in constant pain can make it difficult to wait for treatment. At Cleveland Clinic London, you don’t have to wait. Our trusted specialists can provide consultations and perform surgery in as little as a few days.

Gastroenterology - Cleveland Clinic London


With experience in treating everything from routine to complex gastroenterological conditions, our team of specialists is here to help with any digestive condition you may have.

General Surgery - Cleveland Clinic London

General Surgery

Our general surgeons provide world-class patient care, and work with other medical professionals to ensure you are looked after before, during and after surgery.

Gynaecology - Cleveland Clinic London


With experience in treating both common and rare gynaecologic conditions, our highly-qualified team can transform the lives of women who may be suffering from embarrassing, painful or life-threatening conditions.

Head & Neck Care - Cleveland Clinic London

Head & Neck Care

Offering the latest diagnostic tools and treatment options for head and neck conditions, including ear, nose, throat and thyroid.

Hepatopancreaticobiliary - Cleveland Clinic London

HPB Surgery

Our experienced consultants are at the forefront of developing new approaches to hepato-pancreato-biliary (HPB) surgery with advanced treatment options and the latest techniques.

Hernia Surgery - Cleveland Clinic London

Hernia Surgery

An elite team performs complex hernia surgery using open and keyhole techniques.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Cleveland Clinic London

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Offering the latest diagnosis and treatment options for inflammatory bowel disease, including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Liver cancer - Cleveland Clinic London

Liver Cancer

Liver cancer sometimes starts in the liver. More commonly, it occurs when cancer from another body area spreads (metastasises). Cleveland Clinic London delivers exceptional care for any diagnosis — even rare and complex forms of the disease.

Liver Disease (Hepatology) - Cleveland Clinic London

Liver Disease (Hepatology)

We offer expert hepatology assessment and management, including fibroscan, outpatient management for mild liver disease and inpatient liver failure care.

Maxillofacial Surgery | Cleveland Clinic London

Maxillofacial Surgery

Issues affecting your neck, mouth and jaw can be concerning. At Cleveland Clinic London, you don’t have to wait for the treatments you need to feel better. We offer highly specialised expertise and advanced options.

Pancreatic cancer - Cleveland Clinic London

Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is a common but difficult-to-treat condition. Our multidisciplinary team offers a depth of experience and maintains excellent results.

Robotic Surgery - Cleveland Clinic London

Robotic Surgery

Cleveland Clinic London offers state-of-the-art robot-assisted surgery in multiple surgical areas. Robotic surgery, combined with enhanced recovery programmes, helps you return to your activities sooner.

Thyroid and Endocrine Surgery - Cleveland Clinic London

Thyroid and Endocrine Surgery

Nationally recognised endocrine surgeons treat disorders and tumours affecting the thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands.

Upper Gastrointestinal - Cleveland Clinic London

Upper Gastrointestinal

Our highly experienced upper GI surgery team carries out advanced surgical procedures for conditions such as cancer, GI reflux, gallstones and pancreatitis.

Urology - Cleveland Clinic London


Our urologists are world-leading experts in the field of urology and urological surgery, using the latest techniques to diagnose and treat your urological condition.

Weight Loss Programme | Cleveland Clinic London

Weight Loss

Our comprehensive weight loss service includes medical options and bariatric surgery. Highly skilled consultants help you achieve your goals.

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