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Hernia Surgery

World-class surgeons offer comprehensive care for all types of hernias. We have the surgical expertise to treat even the most complex cases.
Hernia Surgery - Cleveland Clinic London

The internationally recognised hernia surgery team at Cleveland Clinic London treats all types of hernias in adults, from routine to complex. Our team has the specialised training needed to care for even the most challenging cases, such as recurrent umbilical and abdominal hernias (hernias that come back after treatment).

Our surgeons are well-versed in both open and minimally invasive techniques, so you receive care that’s tailored to your needs and preferences.

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Open and Keyhole Hernia Surgery: Why Choose Cleveland Clinic London?

At the Digestive Diseases & Surgery Institute, you’ll find:

  • Team approach: Treating challenging hernias may require the input of consultants across multiple disciplines. At our hospital, experts in general surgery, gastroenterology, colorectal surgery, plastic surgery and radiology coordinate and streamline your care plan.
  • Unmatched expertise: Our team includes world-class hernia surgeons who are leaders in their field. They have extensive experience from prestigious universities and hospitals around the world. These experts train other surgeons in the latest surgical techniques, conduct ongoing research and help define the standards for high-quality hernia care.
  • Treatment for challenging hernias: We specialise in repairing recurrent umbilical and ventral hernias using advanced procedures such as complex abdominal wall reconstruction. So even if you’ve had multiple unsuccessful surgeries and been told you’re out of treatment options, we can help improve your quality of life.
  • Comprehensive, convenient care: We guide you through weight loss, smoking cessation and chronic disease management. These preoperative services from our GPs and registered dietitians are available under one roof. They help you achieve the best possible results from your hernia repair.
  • Commitment to safety and quality: Our team uses the latest, evidence-based approaches to hernia care. For example, we use advanced surgical mesh for tension-free repairs to reduce the risk of hernia recurrences.
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Types of Hernias We Treat

We treat the full range of hernias, including those that have repeatedly come back after past surgical repairs. No matter how complex your condition, our experts have a proven track record of delivering the best possible long-term results.

Our specialists care for:

  • Femoral hernias (lower groin).
  • Hiatal hernias (stomach pushing into the chest).
  • Incisional hernias (develop along an incision).
  • Inguinal hernias (upper groin).
  • Parastomal hernias (hernias around stomas).
  • Recurrent hernias (come back after treatment).
  • Umbilical hernias (navel).
  • Ventral hernias (abdomen).

Hernia Surgeries We Offer

Surgery is the only definitive treatment for most hernias. We aim to repair your hernia correctly and completely, so you can finally have the relief you deserve.

Complex abdominal wall reconstruction for ventral hernias

Ventral hernias, often due to past abdominal or gynaecologic surgeries, are often difficult to treat. They can return even after multiple repairs, sometimes with related complications such as infections or fistulas. Each failed surgery further weakens the abdominal tissue, making it more challenging to perform a successful closure.

Large or recurrent ventral hernias may require abdominal wall reconstruction. This is a highly technical procedure that few surgeons in London have the depth or breadth of expertise to perform. Hernia specialists at Cleveland Clinic London use a variety of techniques to repair complex ventral hernias and related complications, including:

  • Botulinum toxin injections before surgery relax the abdominal wall muscles, making it easier to close the defect.
  • Preoperative pneumoperitoneum, inflating the peritoneal (abdominal) cavity with air, stretches abdominal tissues, so there’s less tissue tension during repair.
  • Component separation is an intricate technique to divide and reconstruct layers of muscles in the abdominal wall for increased tissue strength during closure.
  • Surgical mesh allows for tension-free defect closure, which restores abdominal wall strength and greatly increases the chances of a long-lasting hernia repair.
  • Mesh-free repairs, such as sutured repairs (closure with stitches) or flap repairs (closure with flaps of muscle taken from elsewhere in the body), are alternatives for people who choose not to have mesh. We do flap repairs alongside expert plastic surgeons.

Femoral and inguinal hernia surgery

Groin hernias may be congenital (present at birth), but many result from age, overexertion, sports or physically demanding professions. We can treat many groin hernias with less invasive surgical techniques, so you may recover faster.

We typically do these procedures on a day-case basis, so you go home the same day. After surgery, we connect you to the rehabilitation services you need to get back on the job or the playing field.

Umbilical hernia surgery

We use open or keyhole techniques to push the protruding fat or intestines back into the abdominal cavity. Our surgeons use the latest surgical meshes. These meshes have been scientifically studied and proven to close and reinforce the weak area or opening in your abdominal wall.

Hernia surgeons and plastic surgeons work together to reduce the appearance of the scar from umbilical hernia repair. We can often hide the scar in the fold of skin above or below the belly button to achieve better cosmetic results or within the belly button itself.

Parastomal hernia surgery

A parastomal hernia develops around a stoma, a surgically formed opening in your abdominal wall. You may have needed a stoma (hole) to allow waste products to drain, such as for a colostomy or urostomy. Parastomal hernias are challenging to treat. We talk to you about the options for repair that will work best for you.

Hiatal hernia surgery

Experts in upper gastrointestinal (GI) surgery close hernias in the upper stomach and chest to relieve bloating, chest pain and heartburn. We also offer Nissen fundoplication, an advanced procedure for acid reflux. We may perform Nissen fundoplication at the same time as your hernia repair to address symptoms of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD).

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