Vascular Surgery

World-renowned vascular surgeons draw on extensive training and experience to offer the latest open and endovascular procedures. We specialise in complex aortic diseases such as thoracoabdominal aneurysms and total aortic arch dissections.
Vascular Surgery - Cleveland Clinic London

Conditions affecting your blood vessels can range from the troublesome (varicose veins) to the serious (arterial aneurysms, stenosis and dissections). Treatment for vascular diseases requires the expertise of skilled surgeons and radiologists. At Cleveland Clinic London, our multidisciplinary vascular and cardiovascular team specialises in all routine and complex conditions affecting arteries and veins.

We offer open and endovascular procedures, tailoring surgery to your needs. We also provide vascular operative and decision-making support to other specialties, ensuring you get comprehensive care for your health goals.

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Open and Endovascular Surgery: Why Choose Cleveland Clinic London?

At Cleveland Clinic London, some of Europe’s most talented vascular surgeons use the world’s most sophisticated surgical technology to treat vascular problems. Highlights of our programme include:

  • Team approach: One-stop vascular clinics provide the coordinated input of an entire team, all under one roof. Vascular surgeons, cardiac and thoracic surgeons, cardiologists, interventional radiologists and other experts work together to build your treatment plan. This collaborative approach ensures you receive complete care for any cardiovascular condition.
  • Minimally invasive treatments: We use endovascular techniques to open narrowed or blocked blood vessels, dissolve blood clots and implant stents. These minimally invasive procedures are an alternative to major open surgery. You receive the care you need with fewer risks, less pain and a faster recovery.
  • Focus on complex diseases: Our elite team has an in-depth knowledge of aortic diseases affecting the full length of the aorta. We focus on difficult conditions such as thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms (weakness or bulge in the section of your aorta that runs from your chest into your belly) and total aortic arch dissection (tear in the lining of the top part of the aorta). We also have in-depth knowledge of carotid and venous problems. Few centres in London have experts who can treat these challenging diseases.
  • Surgical pioneers: Our surgeons train doctors throughout the world in the latest vascular procedures. They’ve pioneered groundbreaking surgeries such as complex endovascular surgery for aortic aneurysms, including endovascular total aortic arch replacement. This highly advanced procedure isn’t widely available in the U.K. Their breadth of experience means you have access to the newest, most effective treatments for vascular diseases.
  • State-of-the-art technology: Our hybrid operating theatre is equipped with the most sophisticated imaging and surgical technology. Vascular surgeons, cardiothoracic surgeons and interventional radiologists perform procedures using open and endovascular techniques with full anaesthetic and intensive care support.
  • Non-invasive vascular laboratory testing: We have a state-of-the-art vascular lab staffed by an experienced team of technologists. They perform a range of non-invasive tests, including vascular ultrasounds and CT scans. We use this lab to monitor your progress after procedures such as endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) and spot potential problems, such as blood clots or stenosis (narrowing), as early as possible.

Vascular Diseases We Treat

We treat the full range of aortic, carotid and peripheral vascular diseases, including:

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Vascular Surgeries We Offer

Our surgeons perform advanced procedures for even the most challenging venous and arterial diseases. We provide solutions for every vascular condition, from limb-preserving treatments for PAD, such as peripheral artery bypass surgery, to care for aortic aneurysms and dissections.

Open and endovascular expertise

We select the least invasive treatments with the greatest potential for successful long-term results. Whenever possible, we perform your surgery using endovascular techniques. Endovascular surgery uses tiny incisions and catheters (thin, flexible tubes) to treat blood vessel problems without major open surgery.

Sometimes, your health or condition may require traditional or conventional surgical techniques. Our skilled surgical team offers the full range of operating methods.

Our surgeons also specialise in hybrid procedures, which combine endovascular and open surgical techniques. Expertise in both endovascular and open surgeries makes us uniquely qualified to treat the full spectrum of vascular diseases. We can treat people with:

  • Diseases in hard-to-reach areas of the body.
  • Challenging medical needs who may not be candidates for stand-alone endovascular or open surgery.

Focus on complex aortic diseases

Our team has a depth of expertise in complex aortic diseases that is unrivalled in London. We are global leaders in some of the most advanced aortic procedures, such as endovascular total aortic arch replacement. We care for people with degenerative aortic aneurysms and aortic dissections using open and endovascular techniques and the latest stent grafts.

Our combined experience means we are uniquely qualified to treat all parts of the aorta and its branches, including:

  • Aortic root.
  • Ascending aorta.
  • Aortic arch.
  • Descending aorta.

Endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR)

We use minimally invasive techniques to treat abdominal aortic aneurysms. EVAR can prevent a life-threatening ruptured aneurysm. During this procedure, we:

  1. Insert a catheter and small surgical tools through a tiny incision in your groin.
  2. Use X-ray guidance to help us thread the tools up to the aneurysm.
  3. Implant a stent graft to reinforce the weakened section of your aorta.

Our experts also have extensive experience with complex variations of EVAR — branched and fenestrated aortic repair (BEVAR and FEVAR). These minimally invasive procedures treat thoracic and abdominal aneurysms, dissections and injuries near the branch arteries that supply blood to critical organs like the kidneys. We use the latest stent grafts, customised to your anatomy, to keep these critical arteries open and maintain blood flow to improve treatment outcomes.

Total aortic arch replacement

We are among only a few centres in the U.K. with the expertise to provide both surgical and endovascular total aortic arch replacement. In fact, our team includes one of the pioneers of this challenging procedure. With only two 1-centimeter incisions and a small needle puncture, we replace the aortic arch while preserving all your native vessels that carry blood to and from the heart. This procedure offers a minimally invasive alternative for people who aren’t candidates for open surgery.

Minimally invasive deep and pelvic vein interventions

We provide a range of deep vein interventions, including minimally invasive blood clot removal for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and deep vein reconstruction. Vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists and haematologists with specialised training in thrombosis work together to deliver your care.

Our experts use the most advanced technology and minimally invasive techniques to assess and treat deep vein diseases. We offer:

  • Intravascular ultrasound: A catheter-based imaging exam creates highly detailed images of the inside of your blood vessels. We use intravascular ultrasound to locate blockages, evaluate their severity and plan your treatment.
  • Deep vein reconstruction: Through small incisions in the leg, we use catheters and guidewires to break up deep vein clots. Next, we inflate a balloon and implant a stent (mesh tube) in the vein to hold it open. This procedure can improve leg pain, heaviness, swelling, venous eczema and ulcer healing related to deep vein diseases.
  • Pelvic vein embolization: We use non-invasive imaging and embolization for vein problems in the pelvis and ovaries, such as pelvic congestion syndrome (PCS). During embolization, we use a catheter and needle to block off enlarged or damaged pelvic veins, causing them to shrink. Embolization can relieve chronic pelvic pain and varicosities caused by PCS.
  • Pharmacomechanical thrombectomy: We use a new hybrid technique to break up and remove DVT clots. It is faster and safer than traditional thrombolysis and thrombectomy, carrying a lower risk of major bleeding and clot reoccurrence.

Varicose vein removal

We offer conventional and minimally invasive (endovenous) surgery to treat varicose veins in your legs. Endovenous radiofrequency ablation shrinks your veins by using high-frequency radio waves to create intense heat, which stops the pressure in the vein that feeds varicose veins.

Sclerotherapy is also available to remove the smaller veins. We typically do this as an outpatient procedure under local anaesthetic. General anaesthetics and sedation options are also available.

Multidisciplinary care for vascular malformations and anomalies

We offer multidisciplinary care from vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists and other specialists for patients with congenital vascular malformations and anomalies. We tailor care to your unique symptoms and needs. Treatment options include:

  • Supportive care, such as compression stockings.
  • Minimally invasive embolo-sclerotherapy.
  • Surgical excision and debulking.
  • Medical management.

Heart, Vascular and Thoracic Self-Pay Services

Whether you need a cardiac MRI scan, or want to know the cost of interventional cardiology, sports cardiology, surgical procedures or other services, we can help. Cleveland Clinic London has the most innovative tests and treatments available for self-pay, so you’re prepared for whatever turn your health takes. Find out more.

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